Taijiquan thought

The thought of Taijiquan is the core of the theory of Tai chi kung fu

The idea is also called consciousness, is a function of the brain. The famous Tai Chi Master Mr. Yang Luchan has clearly pointed out: “Taijiquan is a kind of xingyi. “The relationship between visible ideation and Taijiquan are inseparable, in tai chi practitioners is the priority among priorities, must not be lost!


Potential deliberately stressed as “Thirteen in intention”, “the potential gejue to sleep time. “The thoughts of Tai Chi,” heart “, the heart for the meaning of the subject, the intention is issued by the main body of information to guide action, calm the mind, intention,” conative shape with “.


The movement of any Taijiquan is the state of motion under the guidance of the idea and its effect. Such as “up, down, forward, back, bend, stretch, pitching and movements of Taijiquan, no not accomplished in under the guidance of the idea of regulation. Throughout the course of the pan Quan, meaning through always, with a sense of. And their ideas can not be broken, can not be scattered, can not be blocked, can not be chaotic, but can not be lost. To break Italy is not “continuous” powder is not “systemic”, blocking the meaning is not “physical and mental brisk” is not “the actual situation to distinguish”, meaning lost is non Taijiquan also.

tai ji wushu thought

In the practicing Tai Chi, absorbed through the whole idea, as a potential can not be lost. Such as Taijiquan ready style, legs open, and shoulder width, arms drooping naturally on the side of the body, head, eyes look straight, this is only the shape of; and ideas is from down to the ideas to the keeper of the spirit, chin slightly close, Xu Ling Ding Jin, heavy shoulder and elbow fell refers to tip such as poking, arms slightly endomixis, culvert in pull back, do stretch the spine, waist hip relax, wrap fork sliding hip, rump, two knee natural unbend, guided by the idea of top-down, so that whole body relax, ethereal, sensitive ability enhanced. And following the type, not only raised her hands, but before the start or not to move to use ideas took his hands that seemed to be gradually displaced some invisible resistance and flattering, or thrust some invisible in the fall.

Tai Chi for Beginners

That is including meditation, relax, hanging roof, positive and waist, to keep the pubic region, divided into asthenia and sthenia, for opening and closing, folding, internal and external consistency, mutually permeate, continuous, adhesion adhesive with, intention is not forced, to explore the movement speed of the machine… No one is not used for ideas. Shows that the content of Tai Chi, rich content.

The idea of Tai Chi is said to be the core of the theory of Taijiquan, is the essence of the essence, is the soul. Tai chi practitioners must be constantly strive to learn and practice experience, in order to constantly improve their own ideas for. So as to enter the artistic conception of Taijiquan, can and boxing dialogue, to taste the taste of boxing.

Tai Chi Kung Fu Stduy Benefits

The slow movements of the practice forms help beginners to the overcome tension and resistance which may normally impede their actions.

Focus on internal energetics. By focusing on the slow flow of movements, practitioners gain more awareness of their bodies. This awareness later extends to feeling the flow of internal energy—the internal power generated by a tai chi practice. Practitioners experience an increased sense of well-being and health through this type of Yang style practice.

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