ba gua chanshen zhang


ba gua chanshen zhang

bagua palm, walk for the first, receive namely put, go namely still, change the actual situation step in ginseng. Take the wind, stand such as nail, buckle, swing, wear, flip, change the law of the qing. The waist for standard gas, such as the flag, hand foot first observant and alert. For long, sitting as a tiger, like a river in Ha Tinh mountain. Yin and Yang hand, up and down, shoulder fall to the elbow. Six and do not hold, scattered, natural gas all over the body.

bagua zhang

The swinging buckle, carefully set, and conversion at the waist. Foot hit seven, hand to beat three, hands and feet Qi Jin Mo hesitated. A walk, hit the shoulder hip, elbow squeeze and dark commitment. High, low, not stopped, the wind is close to the most. The number of language tips boxing, not pure work in vain.

Bagua boxing essentials gejue

As a hand, the heavy gas Dan tian. Breathing naturally vigorous, such as Longyou. Walking is the strength in the foot, changing the waist is the hand. As from the virtual hand palm, elbow guard. Right before the man is already, turned to the first step. Before stepping into the back, step back. I want to move to quiet, to bend her hand first. I go first, I will go. Move to peep around, don’t forget to attend to. Eye view road six, to which there are eyes. Meaning is there and the air is heavy, and the air is to the force of the hand. To make a root, and walk on the foot. Palm with the pace, step by step according to the palm of the line. Foot practice ten years, Zhang took strong hand.

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